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3/15/2011 12:21 AM

We enjoyed a split broadcast today as I held things down at the Gusano's in Conway and Justin was in Conway taking care of business.  Of course, the Freaky one, Joe Franklin was back in the Fureigh Electric Studios playing with the buttons and knobs.

We were all there to unveil Tommy Smith's 2011 Babe Brackets.  Tommy came over to Little Rock to hang with me and talk about the local Babe Bracket which can be found on our website.  Beth Hunt was awarded the #1 overall seed.  She enters the tourney with a healthy backcourt and frontcourt.  Roger Scott joined Justin in Conway to reveal the national Babe Bracket which also can be found on our website.

Congrats to UALR for their tourney bid against UNC Asheville out of the Big South.  The Trojans will play Tuesday at 5:30 pm in Dayton on TRU TV.

Our good buddy and Head BBall Coach Steve Shields called us up as soon as the tournament bird landed in Dayton.

There's our main man hard at work.

Obviously, as great of a day it is for UALR the opposite is being felt for the Razorbacks and John Pelphrey.  He was dismissed of his coaching duties by Jeff Long on Sunday afternoon.  A very difficult decision no doubt.  Jeff Long is not in a hurry to name a successor, in fact, he said it may be a coach in the NCAA tourney so he'll have to wait until it's over.  We've heard rumors of Buzz Williams at Marquette, Mark "The Surgeon" Sturgeon at Texas A & M, Tubby Smith at Minnesota, Tim Floyd at UTEP and of course Mike Anderson at Mizzou.  That will all be decided by Jeff Long in due time.

Thanks to Coach John Pelphrey for representing the Razorbacks in the classiest way possible.  I have not one bad thing to say about him.  I always supported him and pulled for him to succeed.  I know wherever he ends up he will be successful and fulfilled.

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