The Zone


3/29/2011 12:50 PM

Big time Gameball to the U of A and Jeff Long for the hiring of Mike Anderson.  Coach A is back where he made his home for 17 years.

This is an old school picture.  You get the idea.  He's got all the right attributes to take the Hogs back to the top!  And he knows exactly what to say.

Call those Hogs Coach Anderson.  Back in the saddle again.

Fox 16 sports reporter Morgan Adsit came in for her final apperance in The Zone.  She's getting a job at KBFF in Baltimore.  We're gonna miss her around here.  Greatest almost 3 years of our lives.

Another wacky and wild NCAA tourney over the weekend.  Here's your Final Four matchups:  Uconn vs Kentucky and VCU vs Butler.  Wonder how many people had those 4 teams in their Final Four bracket.  Maybe Uconn or kentucky....maybe maybe Butler but no way no how did anyone have VCU.  Unless of course you go to VCU and you were acting stupid.

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