Busy Monday

11/19/2012 7:14 PM

It was a very busy day on Overtime.  After a weekend in where the Arkansas Razorbacks got rocked on the road against Mississippi State, most of the show was devoted to the coaching search.  Jim Harris broke the news that Arkansas has offered the job to ESPN Monday Night Football Analyst Jon Gruden.

After the wild weekend in College Football it was good to have Bill Hancock the executive director of the BCS join us on Overtime.  Bill will be the man in charge of the new 4 team playoff in 2014.

Brock Huard, college football analyst for ESPN, joined us.  He worked the Tennessee - Vanderbilt game Saturday in Nashville.  

We also had Andy Hodges of HogCountryOnline.com join us as well to talk Arkansas football and basketball as well as the coaching search.

We also placed a prak call with the help of a Signal Media employee. In the Kansas City Star there was an add placed by a travel agancy in Kansas that would book trips to the BCS National Championship game for Kansas State fans.  The only problem is, they are probably not going.  

We hope you will join us tomorrow when Randy Rosetta of the Baton Rouge Advocate will come on overtime.  Thanks for listening.

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