A Wild and Crazy Day

11/27/2012 6:11 PM

Just after 3:00 on Overtime with Matt Jones and Trey Schaap, Trey reported about Les Miles and the possibility that he was offered the Arkansas head coaching position.  The first report of this offer to come out was on the Twitter account of SPORTSbyBROOKS which lit up our phone lines and our Live Fan Feedback.  Before we got this news, it was a pretty normal day on Overtime.

A normal day meaning that we had Brad Edwards of ESPN.com who is their BCS guru on to discuss what teams were in and what teams were out in the BCS.  All of the bowls will announce their matchups this Sunday evening.

And a special thanks to Tyler Wilson who just last Friday completed his career at the University of Arkansas for joining Matt and Trey.  He looked back on his Arkansas career and looked to the future during his time on Overtime.  We here at Overtime wish him nothing but the best and hope to have Tyler back on in the near future.  He is clearly one of the best.


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