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Live Fan Feedback Received Today - A Good Read

11/22/2011 6:32 PM

DB in MORRILTON: When Bobby Petrino wanted the big buyout on his contract, it was a sign that he was committed to this state. I was thrilled that he was "our coach" and that wasn't going to change for a long time. Seeing how he and Jeff Long have been affected by this really says something about the character and quality of these men. You always expect a coach to love his players. Petrino does not appear to be a touchy-feely type guy. To be frank, he just doesn't seem to smile much. His stoic nature and approach to life should never be interpreted as a man who has no emotion. He is very transparent in this tragedy that he genuinely cares about his players. He's not using this tragedy to motivate players. He and Jeff Long both are hurting men. And their pain is more visible than I would have expected. I am so proud that these two men are leading our athletic programs. Win or lose this weekend or in years to come I am solid Bobby Petrino supporter. He is a real man that I would go to war for. What we have seen this week really shows the value of being a Razorback. As has been said, Ueckman was living his dream. Each of us share that dream. We would all love to wear that uniform and suit up for the Razorback football team. Being a Razorback is so important to so many people. The love and the passion for the Hogs runs so deep. When these young men come in from other states to play football here, they share and represent what all of us hold so dear. But each one of them is bigger than the game. Each one of them are more important than the program and we need to never forget that. That being said, as fans, we need to understand how negatively this may affect the players and coaches this week. I think they are all in a lot of pain right now and it is no doubt very hard to focus on a game. To be honest, if we lose this week, it's okay. But I fully expect that this team will give more effort Friday than they realize that they can give. We may lose this game because LSU is a better football or because the preparation for the game was skewed this week. But it won't be because of a lack of effort. Somewhere, somehow, it will click with these guys that they represent everything that Ueckman held dear. What each one of us hold dear. The passion that is being a RAZORBACK! God bless the Ueckman family with a peace that passes understanding. And as his coach said thank you for sharing him with each of us.

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