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Arkansas Head Coach Bobby Petrino comments on 2012 Football Schedule

2/17/2012 1:27 PM

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The following statement is from University of Arkansas football head coach Bobby Petrino regarding the 2012 Razorback football schedule:

“I am excited about the announcement of our 2012 schedule. I anticipate our opponents will present a competitive challenge, which will be a great motivator for our program throughout the months ahead. I’ve always enjoyed the atmosphere our fans have created and their willingness to support what is necessary to give our team the best opportunity to succeed. Due to our November schedule this year, it is to our advantage to play LSU on campus. In Fayetteville, Little Rock or away from home the passion and pride of our fans always lifts our team.”




DK Duggar (2/21/2012 11:37 AM)

This is a sad day.I hope I'm wrong but I see this move as the beginning of the end of RAZORBACK NATION.Fans in central & southern Ark will see this as the UofA turning their backs on them.Gradually fans will start to focus their support & money on local high school & college teams. The UofA will become a NW Arkansas only team and maybe that's what the UofA wants.But alienating half your fan base is never a good idea no matter how much money is in NW Arkansas.This is a bean counter mistake.Short term gain...long term loss similar to Classic Coke & New Coke.Bad for UofA...good for UCA, Ark Tech,UofA at Magnolia & a sad for the rest of Razorback Nation

Nik Baugh (2/21/2012 6:53 PM)

If its better for the team, then its a great move. Coming to play in Little Rock was good for the fans, but and away game for the team. Plus 20,000 more fans on the hill to play LSU is and great advantage.

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