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Bobby Petrino involved in motorcycle accident

4/2/2012 7:05 AM

 According to the Arkansas State Police Arkansas Head Football Coach Bobby Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident Sunday evening around 6:45 on highway 16 in Madison County.  No other vehicles were involved.  The accident occurred about 10-12 miles east of Fayetteville near the Crosses community.  He was transported to an area hospital and his condition is not known.  We will update this when we get more information.


Reno in Dallas (4/2/2012 8:40 AM)

Howdy Hogs,

Thoughts and Prayers with you guys from Aggieland and the 12TH Man.

Praying for a recovery.

AggieMom93 (4/2/2012 11:15 AM)

Best wishes for a full recovery. Praying for him and his family.

AUTIGER (4/2/2012 11:41 AM)

Hoping this turns out to be minor and everything is okay with Coach Petrino. Prayers are with him and his family at this time.

Rhonda (4/2/2012 1:06 PM)

Praying for him and his family. Couch Petrino is a great couch but most important, wonderful man.

cankles (4/2/2012 1:16 PM)

T&P. From Texags

Joeaggie (4/2/2012 1:30 PM)

Thoughts and Prayers are with you Coach Petrino from Aggieland. We wish you a speedy recovery.

hog25 (4/3/2012 12:01 AM)

Prayers go out to the Petrino family from the Razorback faithful for a quick recovery. Also many thanks to the very thoughtful prayers from our Aggie brothers for Coach P.

just thinking (4/17/2012 7:50 PM)

what if he got into a fight with jess d boyfreind then a chase happened petrino wrecked jess was with boyfreind jumped out called cops bf left jess stayed she had no injurys bobby had no cuts just swelling think about it

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