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DTS 10-04-13

10/5/2013 2:19 AM

Trey Biddy of on Friday's DTS for his daily segment.


Name.. (10/6/2013 5:27 PM)

Found this article what y'all think???? I beg to differ the greatest being Springdale! Lrch team was way better than them.
Class 04 reunion coming up!

The Greatest High School Teams of the Past 50 Years

by Leland Barclay on Monday, Sep. 3, 2007 12:00 am

This story is from the archives of

Cars were stacked along Markham Street in Little Rock, and fans were piling into War Memorial Stadium to get a final glimpse of one of the greatest teams in Arkansas high school football history.

Even before they were all seated, Springdale scored three touchdowns in the opening six minutes of what turned out to be another easy win for the Bulldogs.

Springdale rolled on to a 54-20 win over West Memphis in the 2005 Class 5A state championship game to culminate a 14-0 season that was as dominating as it was predictable.

In addition to winning the state title, Springdale also finished No. 2 nationally in the Student Sports Magazine rank

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