Well Bill was out this morning, off doing important work in Washington D.C. we're sure. So filling in is the equally talented Buzz favorite Rex Nelson in the host chair. To start the first hour of the show, Rick Calhoun of Crews & Associates came on to talk a little bit about the financia... Read More >
On the show today, Bill started off talking about the United States credit rating being downgraded by S&P. He delves into the situation and (spoiler alert)...he is not pleased with the President. The Rev. "Sugar" Al Sharpton has a new show coming to MSNBC. Bill talks a bit about tha... Read More >
There are just two days left for a deal to be reached to raise the debt ceiling and on the first hour, show regular Congressman Tim Griffin calls in and speaks at length with Bill about the situation. Bill thinks the President has been M.I.A. and that freshmen Republicans like Griffin have a better ... Read More >
Bill had plenty to talk about today, starting the show off mentioning the death of Amy Winehouse, he talks about how he is doing in his annual death pool. If you are curious why there is a picture of a man in a Tiger costume, then listen to this audio and get to know David "Tigger" Wu. N... Read More >
It was a busy show as usual today and Bill had lots to talk about. First he discussed the whole "debt ceiling" debate and took a call from Sunday Buzz regualr Congressman Tim Griffin. Next, with a little bit of entertainment talk, Bill goes over the recent Emmy nominations and suggests sh... Read More >
Local Artist Emily Galusha is in studio talking about her unique art and the exposure she is getting after being on the cover of the "best of" issue of Arkansas Times. http://www.1037thebuzz.com/media-gallery/detail.asp?GalleryID=968 http://www.1037thebuzz.com/media-gallery/detail.asp?Ga... Read More >
This past Sunday Bill and I were in studio celebrating Valentines Day as single guys just having fun on the radio. We hope everyone that did celebrate with someone had a good time! Last week, Dr. Ben Williams from DePaul University was on the show and gave his take on President Obama's first ye... Read More >
Well the Saints won and are headed to the Super Bowl. Join us this Sunday to hear the conversation about who will win the Super Bowl. Also, Rex Nelson will be in the studio wearing his "WHO DAT" t-shirt and proclaiming how his Saints will win the Super Bowl. Join us Sunday morning 9a-12! Read More >
The Sunday Buzz welcomed Beth Weidour from the the Arkansas Delta Rural Heritage Development Initiative this past Sunday to talk about the new CD that is being given away. The CD, "Arkansas Delta Music Trail," has artists from the Delta like The Band, Al Green, Johnny Cash, Billy Lee Rile... Read More >
Ok listen up....Bill and I have had an overwhelming response to the music that is played during the show. Since the music played coming in and out of breaks is a major part of the show, we have set up a contest that will allow YOU to pick the music played. All you have to do is send a CD with a lis... Read More >

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