Thanks to all the people that came out to the Good Morning Arkansas studio as we broadcasted live from Riverfest Sunday! We should have the pictures posted within the next couple of days. If you missed the show, Bill finally came to the realization that the female volunteers that work at Riverfest ... Read More >
We hope that all the mother's that listen to the show and read this blog had a GREAT mother's day this past Sunday! Bill and I were back in the studio for another action packed edition of the Sunday Buzz and if you missed it, one of our long time listeners Luis Calderon came in studio to ha... Read More >
Sunday went pretty much as expected, being that it was a day after the much anticipated Rocket 5k that Bill and I participated in. For those of you that were not able to listen to the show on Sunday, Bill won the match-up between the two of us running a time of 26:30. Due to being extremely injured ... Read More >
Bill was out of studio this past Sunday due to reasons still unknown and so we had a fun-filled Sunday morning without him. Blake Rutherford stepped into the shoes of the legendary political consultant for the day and we covered everything from twitter to the arrest of the ShamWow guy. We'd also... Read More >
Man who would have thought a three hour show could go by so fast! BIll and I had a lot of fun this past Sunday as we prepared for the NCAA tournament! As many of you know though, The Sunday Buzz would not be complete without some in-depth conversation about some sort of politics. So with that being ... Read More >
Well for those of you that listened this past Sunday Bill and I were a bit thrown off from the time change. Never fear though, we made it through an excellent show with some really good guests! Thanks to Jordan Johnson for coming in and talking about Smoke On The Water, which is coming up this Satur... Read More >
If you listened to the show Sunday (which I know many did) you heard the ongoing conversation about the new networking tool called Twitter. Bill informed all of us that he has finally stepped into the new age of technology by creating not only a Twitter account, but also a FACEBOOK account! If you d... Read More >
Sunday night was Oscar night and many of you heard Bill cuss and discuss who he thought would take home trophies. We want to thank Renae Shapiro, Danny Joe-Crofford and Phillip Martin for coming in and giving in-depth analysis on everything you need to know about the Oscars. I will be back for the ... Read More >
Well we had a fun show this past Sunday, Bill once again ridiculed me on my recent dating experience. Oh and to make matters worse, he has extended the criticism on the SWNN on Wednesday mornings. Either way, We want to thank Mark McKinnon, former President George W. Bush's media advisor, for c... Read More >
As many of you may know by now, Bill has challenged yours truely(RJ) to a 5k run on April 25th @ Little Rock Catholic High School. This will be the official blog for all the training and news that happens between RJ and Bill. RJ's Training: I never realized how hard it would be to train for a ... Read More >

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