It's Super Bowl Sunday and we had quite the show today, in that it was geared totally towards the Super Bowl! We had Jeff Allen call in from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa and give a live Super Bowl report as well as Rex Nelson to go "Inside the numbers" for the game! If anyone missed ... Read More >
Well we wrapped our final show of 2008! We want to thank everyone that has called in and sent e-mails all year long and hope you join us as we go into 2009! We also have a couple of surprises coming in 2009 so be listening for some exciting changes!! Hope everyone has an awesome New Year's Eve! Read More >
It was an interesting show this past Sunday, with all of us still full from Thanksgiving, many of us had a pleasant surprise from the LSU/Arkansas game!! ARKANSAS WINS!!!!! So with everyone in a really good mood, we posed the question to the listeners, "What should the big win be called?" ... Read More >
Yes it is true, Bill was out this past Sunday roaming the earth and trying to expand his knowledge of this political world, but The Sunday Morning Buzz did servive without him! Special thanks to everyone that stopped by this past Sunday morning to hang out with Rex and I. Also, if you missed the AJ... Read More >
We wanted to thank all the callers that got on the show and voiced their opinion about the current political situation. Glad to see we have have listereners that have a logical opinion! We had a fun show today...If you get a chance go to the Buzz Hub and check out the Battle of the Ravine section a... Read More >
So everyone heard about Bill's Halloween at Cajuns. Well I was looking through the Buzz Hub and found this picture. Looks like Bill did have a good time. Nice pic Bill Read More >
Hey guys/gals If you want to e-mail the show on Sunday's feel free to by e-mailing everything to Bill and I will try and get to all the e-mails and you never know if it's good enough, it might just get posted on the Sunday Morning Buzz page! Read More >
So is it going to be Obama or McCain? Bill seems to think Obama is going to the 44th president of the United States!! Can you believe it? I thought I would never hear those words come out of his mouth!! Either way I guess we will see what the outcome is come Tuesday. Also we wanna thank Kristen Fis... Read More >

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