This morning, Melinda Glasgow was on the program. Melinda is the Recycling Program Coordinator for the City of Little Rock. She was on to talk about the new recycling program being rolled out and explained to Bill why it is such a great thing. Bill is usually against things like recycling because... Read More >
Bill was back this week and started the show by sharing his experinces from last weekend (which he is still recovering from). Bill was down in florida for the "Pirate festival" known as Gaspirilla 2012. During the 2nd hour of the show, Bart Hester stopped by. Bart is a republican r... Read More >
It was a win for the Razorbacks against former coach HDN and Ole Miss Saturday after a rough first half. Bill was at the game and starts the show discussing what he saw. News broke this week that fashion conscious Libyan dictator Mommar Gadhafi had been killed. Bill talks about this and how t... Read More >
Well Bill stood us up again today but guest host Rex Nelson (website here) was in studio to make sure the show continues on. As usual, when Rex is hosting, it is jam packed with guests and topics. Today he had a special guest/co-host, Ms. Beth Wiedower. Beth is with the Rural Heritage Developm... Read More >
Well it was a rough loss for the Hogs saturday as Alabama won 38-14 in Tuscaloosa. To start the show off Bill shares his thoughts on the game. In the next segment, he goes over the transcript from The Pierce Morgan sh... Read More >
This morning on the Sunday Buzz we start off with a story out of Conway. KATV led their Thursday evening news cast with this story about a man who is going up to women and trying to SUCK THEIR TOES. We delve deeper into the story including the economic effect it has... Read More >
Bill was back in studio this week for the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on our country. We all remember where we were on that day and Bill talks about being in Austin, Texas when the planes hit. Throughout the show we played various news clips from the day. In this segment Bill talks ab... Read More >
Bill was in Fayetteville last night for the Razorbacks 51 -7 win against Missouri State. Bill didn't make it back to Little Rock in time for the show, so filling in this week was Rex Nelson. Joining Rex for the entire show was Doug White. Doug is the vice president of systems services for The... Read More >
Last week, as the show was ending, Bill mentioned a movie he had seen that he recomended the listeners check out. The movie is The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virgina and in this segment we played some clips from the movie. If you haven't seen it yet it is available on iTunes and Netflix.... Read More >
Bill is back this week and had a jam packed show. For the first hour, fellow Hendrix graduate Carrie Rengers was on the show. Carrie has worked for Arkansas Buisness and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and has mentioned Bill a time or two over the years and she is still welcome on the show despite th... Read More >

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