NCAA Bracket Time!

3/16/2009 9:15 PM

Man who would have thought a three hour show could go by so fast! BIll and I had a lot of fun this past Sunday as we prepared for the NCAA tournament! As many of you know though, The Sunday Buzz would not be complete without some in-depth conversation about some sort of politics. So with that being said, Joe Biden was in town on Saturday to kick off the campaign of Senator Blanche Lincoln. Bill let everyone know his thoughts on why her announcment came at the wrong time.If you missed it, we discussed everything from the sweet embrace that Joe Biden gave Blanche Lincoln (the one that was featured on the front page the ADG), to how early the announcement came! In the eye's of a political consultant, that being Bill Vickery, this was all done wrong and could be headed for disaster!

We moved on from that issue into something a lot of people will be glued to over the next few weeks, and that's the NCAA March Madness tournament. We want to thank David Wallace and Trey Schaap for coming in and giving their insight on who would be in the tourny and who would be out. Along with their picks, I received a lot of critism on whom I thought were sleeper picks. Oh and might I add, my Xavier pick was right on the money! Stay tuned throughout the tournament to hear what these guys have to say about who advances and who gets upset.

I don't think there will be a Sunday that goes by without some talk about the race that Bill and I are running in come April 25th. Here is your weekly race report.

Bill: He ran the course this past week and said that he feels the best he has ever felt. He claims that beating his goal of 25 minutes will be no problem. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

RJ: Now that I am living in Little Rock, I've had the opportunity to run the course 3 times this week. Every time I run it, I cut at least 30 seconds off my previous time. Now I'm not going to disclose the last time I ran it in, but let's just say Bill better step his game up if he is planning on beating me! The even better thing about this whole race is that I'm losing weight. I started at a weight of 220 and now have gotten down to 202.

That's all for this week folks, tune into the Sunday Buzz this week from 9-12!


Bill and RJ

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