Vickery-less show

3/30/2009 11:16 PM

Bill was out of studio this past Sunday due to reasons still unknown and so we had a fun-filled Sunday morning without him. Blake Rutherford stepped into the shoes of the legendary political consultant for the day and we covered everything from twitter to the arrest of the ShamWow guy. We'd also like to thank Lance Turner and David Kinkade for coming in and giving their thoughts on everything in the past week.

Everytime Blake is on the show, the topic of Twitter seems to come up and so to keep up the trend we started the show on how Twitter has become so popular. This further sparked an on-air challenge to all the listener that are on Twitter to begin following my tweets (that is such a bad name). I started the show with 6 followers and by the time that we ended the total grew to 28! It was kind of like our own radio pledge-a-thon to see how many followers I could get.

If your NCAA bracket is anything like mine, I did really well all the way up till the Elite 8 and everything went south. The only team that is in the Final 4 that I picked was Michigan St. I guess so much for me winning the bracket challenge! We will have continued coverage of how the Final 4 is going to shape out this next Sunday on the show.


Bill: As many of you know, Bill tweaked his hamstring over the past couple of weeks and has been limited in his preparation at trying to beat me. I imagine we will hear this next Sunday that he is back on top and in great shape. We'll see I suppose.

RJ: I'm still running the course every other day. Now it's just a matter of getting the overall time down. I have started an extensive weight training program to gain strength in order to battle the hills of the course.

We are now about a month away from the race, and I can guarantee that the training of both Bill and myself will become much more extensive.

Bill will be back this next Sunday, so stayed tuned for complete thoughts and sounds from the week of politics and sports.

Thanks for listening and reading

Bill and RJ

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