Today on the Sunday Buzz (with audio) 7-24-11

Today on the Sunday Buzz (with audio) 7-24-11

7/24/2011 12:52 PM

Bill had plenty to talk about today, starting the show off mentioning the death of Amy Winehouse, he talks about how he is doing in his annual death pool.

If you are curious why there is a picture of a man in a Tiger costume, then listen to this audio and get to know David "Tigger" Wu.

Next up he mentions the key note speaker the Arkansas Dem's had Saturday night and gets into some debt ceiling talk. Then has a guest on who can articlate the situation for everyone, from the National Tax Payers Union, Pete Sepp.

The horrible actions of a man in Norway were briefly dicussed but then it was on to talking about some Celebrity Trainwrecks.

The last hour of the show we brought sports talk back to the station with Memphis radio legend and Sunday Buzz regualr Brett "Stats" Norsworty from WHBQ AM 560. Then to wrap up the show Bill brings his own Top 5 list to the table.

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