Today on the Sunday Buzz (with audio) 8-07-11

Today on the Sunday Buzz (with audio) 8-07-11

8/7/2011 12:54 PM

 On the show today, Bill started off talking about the United States credit rating being downgraded by S&P. He delves into the situation and (spoiler alert)...he is not pleased with the President.

 The Rev. "Sugar" Al Sharpton has a new show coming to MSNBC. Bill talks a bit about that but the segment gets really exciting when he mentions seeing "Tot Mom" Casey Anthony wearing an Ohio State hat and comes up with some other despicable people who could endorse college football.

 Next up, we take a look at a website that is in the same vein as "texts from last night" but it is called HumbleBrag and is a collection of twitter and facebook posts that are made to seem like a humble statement but turn into a bragging self promotion.

Last week on Good Morning America, as part of their summer concert series they had "singer" Nicki Minaj on to perform. Despite what had to be hours of preparation of her ridiculous outfit, one of her large bosoms managed to pop out for an extended period of time. For research purposes, show producer Matt analyzed the video over and over again much like the Zapruder film.

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