This week on The Sunday Buzz with guest host Rex Nelson 8/14/11

This week on The Sunday Buzz with guest host Rex Nelson 8/14/11

8/14/2011 12:24 PM

 Well Bill was out this morning, off doing important work in Washington D.C. we're sure. So filling in is the equally talented Buzz favorite Rex Nelson in the host chair.

 To start the first hour of the show, Rick Calhoun of Crews & Associates came on to talk a little bit about the financial situation the country is in. The conversation carried on through the hour and included some discussion about the Republican presidentail candiates.

 In the next segment, Rick stuck around for a full hour on the phone with Congressman Tim Griffin. He talks about lots of things including the Ames Straw Poll and what he thinks about the canditates.

 The last hour of the program, Andrew Meadors from the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame was on to talk football and how to become a member of the hall of fame and vote. The last half of the segment Rex opens up the phone lines to hear what the callers predict will be the Razorbacks record this season.

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