Today on the Sunday Buzz (with audio) 8-21-11

Today on the Sunday Buzz (with audio) 8-21-11

8/21/2011 12:51 PM

 Bill is back this week and had a jam packed show. For the first hour, fellow Hendrix graduate Carrie Rengers was on the show. Carrie has worked for Arkansas Buisness and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and has mentioned Bill a time or two over the years and she is still welcome on the show despite that. Bill also gets her to talk about some of her most memorable moments, including the time she tried to interview Hillary Clinton.

The second hour of the show, attorney Jerry Larkowski came in as the "voice of reason" to help understand what happened Friday when the "West Memphis 3" who were convicted of murder where set free. There were many issues brought up including why this is not a "double jeopardy" situation.

On the last hour of the show, Rex Nelson was back in studio after filling in for Bill last week. Bill and Rex are like the Buzz's version of Hall and Oats and took on the Associated Press's top 25 college poll. Regualr Buzz listners know when Rex starts coming on the show for the last hour that is officially time for football. For the final segment they talk about the Razorbacks and this upcoming season.

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