Today on the Sunday Buzz (with audio) 8-28-11

Today on the Sunday Buzz (with audio) 8-28-11

8/28/2011 12:46 PM

 Last week, as the show was ending, Bill mentioned a movie he had seen that he recomended the listeners check out. The movie is The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virgina and in this segment we played some clips from the movie. If you haven't seen it yet it is available on iTunes and Netflix. We visited some more scenes from the movie throughout the show and as Bill suggested...wear some Depends before you sit down to watch it!

On the next hour of the show, Susan Altrui from the Little Rock Zoo was on. She made a good argument for the proposed Little Rock sales tax and why people should vote for it on Sept. 13. She also talked about the zoo and the upcoming "ZooJam" concert featuring Toby Keith and others. 

For the last hour, Rex Nelson made his entrance. As you know, Razorback football starts next week (finally) and Bill wonders if fans are being too optomistic about the season. During the last segment of the show they make their predictions on what will be the final score after the first game against Missouri State.

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