This week on The Sunday Buzz with guest host Rex Nelson 9/4/11

This week on The Sunday Buzz with guest host Rex Nelson 9/4/11

9/4/2011 12:40 PM

Bill was in Fayetteville last night for the Razorbacks 51 -7 win against Missouri State. Bill didn't make it back to Little Rock in time for the show, so filling in this week was Rex Nelson. Joining Rex for the entire show was Doug White.

Doug is the vice president of systems services for The Electric Cooperative of Arkansas. Rex and Doug discuss some of Arkansas's best dining destinations. Rex also talks about visiting the Pickens Plantation and had Larry Burchfield call in. Larry has a website called "The Delta Revisited" you can check by clicking here

For the last segment of the hour, Rex gets back to talking about food and lists off his top places he has eaten at this summer. 

During the top of the second hour, Kevin Crass called in. Kevin is with War Memorial stadium and wants people to know that there are still tickets available for next weeks game against New Mexico.

There's an article in the Democrat-Gazette today about the restoration of Johnny Cash's childhood home. Rex and Doug discuss the progress that is being made and why Arkansans need to appreciate what we have here. Then for the remander of the hour we open the phone lines up to the callers to hear what they thought about the Razorbacks performance.

For the last hour of the show, Brett "Stats" Norsworthy from Am 560 in Memphis joins the show on the phone along with a brief apperance by the actual Bill Vickery.


Stats hung around for the rest of the show and discussed in length college football continue through the end of the show.

Bill is expected to make his return next week and remember you can listen to The Sunday Buzz every Sunday from 9 am to Noon on 1037 the buzz!

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