This week on The Sunday Buzz- 9/11 Anniversary show

9/11/2011 1:27 PM

Bill was back in studio this week for the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on our country. We all remember where we were on that day and Bill talks about being in Austin, Texas when the planes hit. Throughout the show we played various news clips from the day. In this segment Bill talks about New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and takes exception to what he has to say. In the next segment, Bill talks about the effects the attacks had on our economy and what Alan Greenspan said afterwards.


During the 2nd hour of the show, Bill starts by talking about how things have changed for American's since the attacks. We start the next segment with a clip of David Letterman on his first night back after the attacks. Then Bill explains what has happened from a foreign policy standpoint in the past 10 years.


 For the final hour of the show, we discuss football, starting with the previous nights Razorback win against New Mexico with Rex Nelson. The discussion continues with the game stats and then the show wraps up with their predictions on how the NFL teams will do this year.  

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