A show your mother would have like!

5/11/2009 9:05 PM

We hope that all the mother's that listen to the show and read this blog had a GREAT mother's day this past Sunday!

Bill and I were back in the studio for another action packed edition of the Sunday Buzz and if you missed it, one of our long time listeners Luis Calderon came in studio to hang out with the Sunday Buzz crew. Oh and yes he was wearing his protective pig flu mask.

We posed the question during the show:

Who are the worst celebrity mothers"


Who is the hottest celebrity mom?

If you weren't able to get through on the phone lines, you can still post your comments on this blog!

If you were anywhere near Little Rock or Conway this past Friday then you saw the overwhelming homecoming welcome of Kris Allen. Bill and I don't watch the show but were surprised by the number of people that came to support Kris. So since we were out of the loop, here is our supporting comments "GO KRIS!"

We will both be back in studio this next week to inform all the listeners about what has happened this week in the worl of politics and sports! Please feel free to call the show (after 10 bc the Wook doesn't come in till then to screen the calls) or e-mail the show at rj@1037thebuzz.com. (Bill doesn't know how to operate his e-mail)

Until Sunday, thanks for listening!

Bill and RJ


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