This week on The Sunday Buzz with guest host Rex Nelson 10/2/11

10/2/2011 12:54 PM


Well Bill stood us up again today but guest host Rex Nelson (website here) was in studio to make sure the show continues on.

As usual, when Rex is hosting, it is jam packed with guests and topics. Today he had a special guest/co-host, Ms. Beth Wiedower. Beth is with the Rural Heritage Development Initiative (website here) and in addition to being incredibly attractive she does a lot to to promote and preserve Arkansas History. In these segments she discusses the 26th King Biscuit Blues Festival and the restoration of Johnny Cash's childhood home. There is an article on the cover of the Style section of today's Democrat Gazette about the festival, which is expected to draw 50,000 people to Helena-West Helena next weekend and we encourage everyone to check out.


Also featured in today's paper is our 2nd hour guest, Coach Fitzgerald Hill. You can read the article on the bottom of the front page of today's "High Profile" section. Dr. Hill is the president of Arkansas Baptist College (website) and in this segment tells us how he became the president of a college and what event led him to focus on helping under privleged youths. In this last segment, he discusses how he was able to turn a car wash from one of the most dangerous corners in Little Rock into a way to put money back intothe community.

In the last hour of the show, Brett "Stats" Norsworthy from AM 560 in memphis joins us on the phone to discuss college football, including the Hogs win against Texas A&M. Then for the last segement Rex and Stat's make their NFL picks.

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