Today on The Sunday Buzz 10/23/11

10/23/2011 12:27 PM


 It was a win for the Razorbacks against former coach HDN and Ole Miss Saturday after a rough first half. Bill was at the game and starts the show discussing what he saw.

News broke this week that fashion conscious Libyan dictator Mommar Gadhafi had been killed. Bill talks about this and how the video footage making the rounds looks like a scene from Weekend at Bernies 3.


The game against Ucla and Arizona was interrupted when a student, Jacen Lankow, ran onto the field dressed in a very convincing Referee uniform to stop the play before taking his clothes off and streaking. Well now Jacen has been charged with felony impersanation and faces one and a half years in jail.

The occupy Wall Street movement is starting to come apart at the seams and will not last past Christmas, as Bill discusses in this segment. He predicts that when old man winter arrives they will have to pack up their drums go back to their parents house for hot cocoa.

A listener by the name of Stephen in Little Rock had some comments for Bill on the Chico Bail Bond's live fan feedback. Despite listening to the show every week he still likes to chime in and let bill now he thinks he is a "twit". Bill responds to his criticism.

As usual for the last segment, Rex Nelson is in to talk about College Football. He also shares a brief story about "Poonany" back in his college days before making his NFL picks for the week.

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