RIP Michael Jackson

6/29/2009 9:42 PM

As many of you may know, Michael Jackson died this past week from a heart attack. So Bill and I decided that this past Sunday we would remember the life of the King of pop. That's right no political talk (well okay maybe just a little), no sports, and no twitter. It was all about MJ.

Bill made the comment that he thought Michael Jackson was the most popular man on the earth. If you think about it, there really is nobody else! If you think of something drop us a comment on the page.

We were able to slip in a couple of interviews during the show. Tommy Foltz, Executive Director of Consumer Energy-South, stopped by and talked about energy bills that were going through the legislature as well as a series of lectures he will be doing. If you want more information about the lectures or have questions for Mr. Foltz, you can go to

Also we would like to thank Sunday Buzz favorite Randy Dixon for stopping by and bringing the newest KATV reporter Stephanie Simoni. We had a fun discussion about her reporting from Emerson, Arkansas at the purple hull pea festival. I guess nothing says reporting like talking to pea peelers or whatever they are called.

Well Bill and I will both be out of the studio this next week, so as always thanks for listening and reading and we'll catch you in 2 weeks at 9am!

Bill and RJ

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