Today on The Sunday Buzz 2/5/12

Today on The Sunday Buzz 2/5/12

2/5/2012 12:33 PM


Bill was back this  week and started the show by sharing his experinces from last weekend (which he is still recovering from). Bill was down in florida for the "Pirate festival" known as Gaspirilla 2012

During the 2nd hour of the show, Bart Hester stopped by. Bart is a republican running for State Senate in NW Arkansas and in this segment tells us a bit about himself. Bart played baseball for the Razorbacks with Cliff Lee, who will be at a fundraser for Bart this week.  In this segment he talks some about that and the hour is wrapped up with "The Shooter" Pat Bradley finally calling in to talk about the new ESPN documentary 40 minutes of hell.

Bill talks about the Republican canidates, as the producer of the show, "Big Baby" Matt Travis, I have decided to endorse Newt Gingrich based on his "Moon Base" platform.

In the next segment, he talks some more about the candidates and why he likes Ron Paul but could never vote for him. 


For the last segment, since it is Super Bowl Sunday, Rex Nelson is in to make predictions on the game. Rex will be in again next week to wrap up the Nfl and College seasons. 

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