Hogs lose a close one

10/19/2009 9:29 PM

There was a lot of conversation on Sunday about the Hogs loss to Florida. Did the officials blow the game for the hogs? Why wasn't the offense in-sync in the 1st half? Regardless of all the water cooler talk, the main thing is that this team is getting better. The defense is starting to come together and this team has a chance to make a run through the rest of the schedule.

Rex Nelson came in, as he usually does, and we made our mid-season prediction for the rest of the season. It seems as though Bill, Rex, and myself all think this team can go 8-4 on the season. Is 9-3 possible? That will be determined on how they play against LSU. If you want to post your mid-season prediction, feel free to do so and we'll read them on the air this next Sunday.

I was looking at some pictures from the game and found this picture that might answer some questions about the officials from the game.

You be the judge....



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