We've got your Public Option

11/4/2009 2:50 AM

This past week the Arkansas Department of Health began distrubuting the H1N1(Swine Flu) vaccination to people. The overwhelming response for the vaccination made for long lines and some ticked off people at the end of the day. Not to mention the driving rain storms that came through Central Arkansas over the past week left people standing outside soaked.

So....this past Sunday, Bill made it very clear that if you want the "public option" as part of the health care plan, you can plan on this being a regular occurance. It made for rather interesting conversation with the listeners, so I'm going to pose the question to those reading this "What do you think about the proposed health care plan?" You can leave your comments in the comment box and we will read them on air.

Also this past weekend people all over the country were dressing up in their Halloween costumes. Bill was a judge of the costume contest that took place at Cajun's Wharf. Needless to say, the winner of the contest was an almost identical replica of Ozzie Ozbourn. FREAKY HUH? The 2nd place prize was handed out to Sunday Buzz favorite Luis. He was dressed up as the immigration patrol. You can see all the pictures on the Buzz Hub on the homepage of 1037thebuzz.com

And finally...if you missed the show this past week, Bill has contacted the Little Rock Zoo and they are working out details to bring a monkey on the show to see if it can do my job of running the control board during the show. We'll see how that goes, I guess it can be our special show called "MAN vs. BEAST."

Thanks for listening

Bill and RJ

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