A Vickery-less All Sports Sunday

11/17/2009 10:35 PM

Bill was out of the studio this past Sunday due to some business matters in Washington DC (or so he says), so Rex Nelson and I took it upon ourselves to make this past Sunday an all sports Sunday.

What a good weekend to do it because the Hogs won big over Troy, the basketball Hogs got a big win behind Rotnei Clark's 51 points, and there were some exciting NFL match-ups going on.

Don't forget to check out Rex Nelson's "Southern Fried" blog. It's very interesting and you may find out something about the Natural state that you never knew. www.rexnelsonsouthernfried.com/

I also want to thank Kane Webb for coming in studio the entire show and shedding his light on all things sports.

Bill will be back in studio this next week to get you caught up on everything going on in the world of politics. I believe this will also be the week that he brings a monkey in to do my job. We'll see....

Until then, thanks for listening

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