Giving it back to the listeners

12/7/2009 10:26 PM

Ok listen up....Bill and I have had an overwhelming response to the music that is played during the show. Since the music played coming in and out of breaks is a major part of the show, we have set up a contest that will allow YOU to pick the music played.

All you have to do is send a CD with a list of songs that you would like to be played on the air and Bill, Rex Nelson, and myself will pick the best 16 songs that will played. Also, the best song sent in will be used as our closing song.The deadline to have your CD sent to the station is January 4, 2010.

Please send all CD's to the address below with you name written on it.

KABZ 103.7 The Buzz


2400 Cottondale Ln

Little Rock, Arkansas 72202

Please make sure that all songs are radio edited or they will be tossed in the trash.


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