What would you name the latest win for the Razorbacks?

12/3/2008 10:58 PM

It was an interesting show this past Sunday, with all of us still full from Thanksgiving, many of us had a pleasant surprise from the LSU/Arkansas game!! ARKANSAS WINS!!!!! So with everyone in a really good mood, we posed the question to the listeners, "What should the big win be called?" The reason for this, is because calling it the "Miracle on Markham II" is just lame. So we posed the question, WHAT DO YOU WANT IT TO BE CALLED!

We had some interesting comments that were called in and e-mailed and I will post some of the best! If you have one that might be better just post it in our comment box.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and hope to hear from you this next Sunday!

Here are some of the names:

Casey's Last Stand

The Feat at Fairpark

One Shining Moment

If you have more feel free to post in the comment box!

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