Post Valentines Day/Race Report 2

2/17/2009 12:02 AM

Well we had a fun show this past Sunday, Bill once again ridiculed me on my recent dating experience. Oh and to make matters worse, he has extended the criticism on the SWNN on Wednesday mornings.

Either way, We want to thank Mark McKinnon, former President George W. Bush's media advisor, for coming on the program and talking about what the unions are trying to pass in the everyday work place. If you missed the interview, you can go to the audio section of this page and listen to it. It is an excellant interview and really opens up thoughts about what is trying to get passed!

Other than that, Bill has still yet to release his training routine for the Little Rock Catholic Rocket 5K run, which he and I will be competing in on April 25th. If you any of you folks truely think he is working out to prepare for this event, you must be kidding yourself. I think he is personally putting on a front so when race day comes and he gets beat, he'll have an excuse.

As for myself, I've had to take the past few days off because I came down with the latest illness floating around, but you can bet I'll get back to my daily 3 mile runs starting on Wednesday(2/18).

Well that's this week's review, hope everyone is enjoying the show and I hope you mark your calendar's for the 25th of April. Let's just say it will be something to see, as Bill attempts to make through the 5K!

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