2/24/2009 8:52 PM

Sunday night was Oscar night and many of you heard Bill cuss and discuss who he thought would take home trophies. We want to thank Renae Shapiro, Danny Joe-Crofford and Phillip Martin for coming in and giving in-depth analysis on everything you need to know about the Oscars.

I will be back for the show this Sunday and there will be big news to announce to all the listeners. I'll give you a hint, it has something to do with community networking.

As for the weekly race update, Bill gave somewhat of a glimpse of how his training routine is working for him. I still won't believe that he is working out until I see the proof. As for myself, I got back on the running trail this past weekend in Shreveport after suffering a minor hamstring pull. I ran 5 miles through the greater Shreveport area. I think by the time April 25th gets here I will be in AWESOME shape to take down the legendary Bill Vickery.

Don't forget if you want to come and watch the race (or watch Bill pass out) it will be April 25th at Little Rock Catholic High School.

Talk to you folks next week!!

ps: Don't forget to listen this Sunday for your chance to win Robin Williams tickets. Bill and I will play a game called password!

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