A twitter day

3/2/2009 9:22 PM

If you listened to the show Sunday (which I know many did) you heard the ongoing conversation about the new networking tool called Twitter. Bill informed all of us that he has finally stepped into the new age of technology by creating not only a Twitter account, but also a FACEBOOK account! If you don't believe Bill is going soft, here is the first evidence of it. So, if you have either of these communication tools, feel free to add either Bill or myself to your account.

In other news, don't forget that the SEC women's basketball tournament is coming to Little Rock this weekend! Hopefully, you can join Bill and I out at some point this weekend to support the ladies of the SEC!

There is a month and 23 days until the Rocket 5k run, and Bill revealed that he is running an average mile at around 7:30. So after a little bit of investigation from some unnamed sources, that means he is running about a 27:30 5k. Well with that being said, I went to take a tour of the course and discovered that it is going to be VERY difficult!!!! It's going to be like running through the Andes Mountains. Never fear though, all  the people that have stepped into my corner will not be let down!

Thanks for listening and reading!!

Bill and RJ



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