The 5th Annual Buzz-B-Q was HUGE!

The 5th Annual Buzz-B-Q was HUGE!

Buzz-B-Q was a blast!  Despite the weather!  Thank you to everyone who came out and participated.  On this page (scroll down), we have posted all the people and sponsors that helped make this year's Buzz-B-Q such a success!

We have also posted 1st, 2nd and 3rd place BBQ winners and the Top 10 (scroll down) in each category.  Click HERE for the pictures from our Buzz Photographer DeWaine Duncan!

First and foremost, thank you to the Firefighters.  They rock!

Thank you to the following sponsors:

Thank you to these sponsors who supported the BBQ Contest!

And the Lombardi Limonada Buzzaritaville! Food from Juanita's, pool tables from Family Leisure, formally Watson's, Rush Satellite and T's Tunes Entertainment!

The Yarnell's Ice Cream Family Fun Zone!

And local live music by: Josh GreenRelic, Ryan Couron!  And even though the next 2 bands couldn't play because of the rain, we thank them for coming out! The Steve Shankles Band and Jeff Coleman and the Feeders! 

And special thank you's to:

All of our awesome BBQ Teams, Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar for hosting BuzzBQ Pre-Party, Budweiser, Stagemasters Sound and Lighting, Creative Signs, Waste Management, Arkansas Portable Toilets, Unique Audio Buzz Babes and DeWaine Duncan – Buzz Photographer!

And the biggest thanks to: All the SMA employees that volunteered, Butch and Karen McJunkin, Matt Couch and Keri Armstrong!

Here are our BBQ WINNERS!

Average Joe Winners:

1st Place - FTS Big Dogs

2nd Place - Muddy Boots

3rd Place - Pi Kappa Alpha

4 -  Just Plain
5 -  Burn it Down BBQ
6 -  Full Grown
7 -  Producers Rice Mill
8 -  Amazingly Soused Smokers
9 -  Smoke-Beer and Q's
10 - Smokin Hoglegs

1st Place - Big Daddy Q

2nd Place - Full Grown

3rd Place - FTS Big Dogs

4  - Muddy Boots BBQ
5  - Smoke-Beer and Q's
6  - Amazingly Soused Smokers
7  - SOBs
8  - Smoke it up
9  - Producers Rice Mill
10 - Jeff Blain BBQ

1st Place - Porky PODS

2nd Place - Muddy Boots

3rd Place - Producers Rice Mill

4  - FTS Big Dog BBQ
5  - Smokin J's
6  - Full Grown
7  - Big Daddy Q
8  - Abbyroad
9  - Burn it Down BBQ
10 - Son-Sir

PRO Division:

1st Place - Sultans of Swine

2nd Place - Happy Hog BBQ

3rd Place - Baby Mack Ribs

4  - Bad to the Bone
5  - Block Party USA
6  - Maddies Southern BBQ
7  - Precision Hoggs
8  - Wolf Pack
9  - Redneck Royalty
10 - Pigalicious

1st Place - Redneck Royalty

2nd Place - Bad to the Bone

3rd Place - Precision Hoggs

4  - Imprint BBQ
5  - Arkansas Moon Swiners
6  - Maddies Southern BBQ
8  - Spankys Meat BBQ
9   - Happy Hog BBQ
10  - Block Party USA

1st Place - Pig Newtons

2nd Place - Happy Hog BBQ

3rd Place - Redneck Royalty

4  - Sultans of Swine
5  - Imprint BBQ
6  - Wolf Pack
7  - Arkansas Moon Swiners
8  - Block Party USA
9  - Pigalicious
10 - Waggie Ts



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