4th Annual Buzz Celebrity Softball Game Saturday...what a game!

4th Annual Buzz Celebrity Softball Game Saturday...what a game!

Well, another Celebrity Softball Game in the books.  And this game will definitely be the one most people remember!  Not only did the Zoners cream the No Namers 12-??? (something like 5 or 6), Justin Acri was FINALLY on a winning team, Buzz Babe Courtney sang the National Anthem ever so beautifully, RJ Hawk injured his knee in practice BEFORE the game by trying to catch a fly ball that caused him to topple over the cement wall in the beer garden, Anne Jansen with back spasms and all played catcher the entire game, and the biggest event of the night...Justin Acri running over Tommy Smith at homeplate causing an injury that will go down in Celebrity Softball history...a dislocated finger.  

Many more memories were made during the game.  And folks, if you missed it, well, you missed not only a memorable game, but the last Celebrity Softball game ever.  (sniff)

I have posted a few pictures (below) of the "collision." Check out more pictures from our Buzz photographer DeWaine Duncan in our PHOTO GALLERY.  AND, our our FACEBOOK page has more pictures and a video from Lauren Clark from Sync that is just too funny.

Take a look at the Buzz video of the game that is posted on our website. Make up your own mind...was it Justin or the ball that caused the injury?

BIG THANKS to our volunteer umps...Phil Zaffarano, Al Malero and Don Bolson.

Thank you to all of the celebrities who played!  And thank you to all of you who came out to see us make complete fools of ourselves... it was a game to remember!


The No Namers - Coached by Tommy Smith and David Bazzel

They Lost...

Christina Munoz - Dancer Extraordinaire and KATV News Anchor
Melissa Dunbar-Gates - Brett Favre Fanatic and KTHV Reporter
Liz Massey - The pride of the state of Maryland, Fishing Expert and KTHV Anchor
Kevin McReynolds - Former Razorback, San Diego Padre, New York Met and Kansas City Royal
Reggie Swinton - Central High School graduate, Former Murray State, Arkansas Twister and NFL receiver
Kevin Kelly - Evening Anchor for Fox 16 News
Danny-Joe Crofford - World Class Karaoke Crooner and Show With No Name Producer
Anthony Lucas - Former Arkansas Razorback and NFL Wide Receiver
RJ Hawk - Former UCA Baseball Player and Producer of the Sunday Buzz
Steve Shields - Head Coach of the UALR Trojans Mens Basketball Team

The Zoners - Coached by Justin Acri and Pat Bradley

They won!

Anne Jansen - One of Arkansas’ Best known TV personalities and former KTHV Anchor
Courtney Speyer - 2nd year Buzz Babe and Singing Sensation
Lindy Blackstone - 103.7 The Buzz’ very own Promotions Queen
Lauren Clark - Sync Photographer, and Lady About Town
Clint Stoerner - Former Razorback and NFL Quarterback
JJ Meadors - Former Arkansas Razorback record-setting Receiver.
Aaron Nolan - KARK Sports Anchor
Cedric Cobbs - Former Arkansas Razorback and NFL Superbowl Champion with the New England Patriots
Joe Kleine - Former Razorback and NBA Basketball Player, current assistant coach of the UALR Trojans Men’s basketball team.
Pete Laven - Arkansas Travelers General Manager
Joe Foley - Head Coach of the UALR Trojans Womens Basketball Team

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