And the winner is...

And the winner is...

Thank you for celebrating Fat Tuesday with us at Cajun’s Wharf!  The Buzz Annual Celebrity Crawfish Eating Contest was a hoot! 

Congrats to Danny-Joe Crofford, the overall winner, KATV's Melinda Mayo the Celebrity Winner and KATV's Pam Smith for coming in right behind them!


Thank you for all the celebrities who participated!

Liz Massey - KTHV
Dawn Scott - KTHV
Courtney Collins - KARK
Mallory Hardin - KARK
Danny-Joe Crofford
Clint Stoerner
Pam Smith - KATV
Melinda Mayo - KATV
Jessica Dean - KATV
Meredith Mitchell - KTHV
Stefanie Bryant - KTHv

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